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Dylan Bowen

Renowned for his loosely thrown monochromatic slipware, Dylan Bowen is a well-established slipware potter with training at Shebbear Pottery and Camberwell School of Art. Dylan and his partner Jane Bowen, also a potter, work from their studio in Oxford.

Dylan’s wheel thrown and hand-built slip earthenware are a balance between traditional ceramics and works of painterly art. His movements behind the application of slip (a liquid form of clay used to decorate his objects) are inspired by music and abstract expressionism, channelled through various actions of pouring, trailing and brushing. The making and decorating process blend together so that the spontaneity and energy invested into the creative process are embodied in the finished piece.

  • Small Flask/Bottle 2 by Dylan Bowen
  • Small Flask/Bottle by Dylan Bowen
  • Medium Plate (DB6) by Dylan Bowen
  • Large Plate (DB7) by Dylan Bowen
  • Large Bottle/Flask (DB8) by Dylan Bowen
  • Small Plate (DB1) by Dylan Bowen
  • Small Plate by Dylan Bowen

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