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Pippi & Me

I love making functional and affordable ceramics, beautiful handmade pieces to be used as well as admired.

My love of grey has spilled into my ceramics, the slip is coloured with black pigment to give three shades of grey and lately gold luster has sometimes been applied to the edge of the little bowls and vases, and at times a little gold heart or star makes its way onto the handle of the mug, adding a little sparkle.

I draw my inspiration from the smooth pebbles, stones and rocks that surround me here on the many gorgeous beaches of Devon and growing up in Denmark has also given me the love of simple design.

  • Pots with succulent by Pippi & Me
  • Small dish by Pippi & Me
  • Medium dish by Pippi & Me
  • Large dish by Pippi & Me
  • Mug by Pippi & Me
  • Small vase by Pippi & Me
  • Medium vase by Pippi & Me
  • Large vase by Pippi & Me

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