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Moments of Being

Sarah Bowman

7 - 21 November 2009

Private view: Friday 6 November, 6-8pm. Catalogue and invitations available.

All paintings available to purchase. Please call the gallery 01803 864088, or click on 'Enquire about this item' to email the gallery directly.

In memory of Vanessa Bloom

by Elspeth Moncrieff

It was fascinating to record the reaction of visitors to Sarah Bowman’s work in an exhibition earlier this year. They were instinctively drawn to her imaginary landscapes which resonate with the peace and purity of a pre-industrial world. Comments such as, ‘waking up to these paintings you feel as if you are on holiday’, were typical. More than anything the paintings evoked a sense of peace in the viewer and a delight in her skill at creating an entire landscape with a few simple brush strokes. This, coupled with a delight in her sense of shape and pattern, where she captures and celebrates the uniqueness and quirkiness of everyday objects. These are paintings which people relate to directly with a sense of joy and affirmation.

Sarah is what dealers would describe in their rather curious jargon as ‘a mid-career artist’. She has shown widely and developed a distinctive personal style. Her work is much sought after and she has gained widespread recognition, including showing at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and gaining the Mary Fedden award at the Royal West of England Academy. Having studied at Falmouth Art College, she has in the past been firmly linked to the St Ives School, in particular the painters Winifred Nicholson, Christopher Wood and Mary Fedden, all of whom have used the device of setting a still life against a landscape background.

Wood and Nicholson have undoubtedly been important influences, but Sarah’s work should not be pigeon-holed in this way. Equally important to her development was a trip to Tuscany in her late teens to see the renaissance fresco paintings...

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  • Goldfish and Agapanthus by Sarah Bowman
  • Lola Sleeping by Sarah Bowman
  • Deia, Majorca by Sarah Bowman
  • Magnolias and Green Jug by Sarah Bowman
  • Hens in the Snow by Sarah Bowman
  • Green Candle, Pink Table by Sarah Bowman
  • Cat, Widdecombe by Sarah Bowman
  • Morning Walk, Frost by Sarah Bowman
  • Mr Livingston Arrived by Sarah Bowman
  • Nasturtiums and Primula by Sarah Bowman
  • Bird Cage by Sarah Bowman
  • Staffordshire Dog and Japanese Anemones by Sarah Bowman
  • Lemon and Sweetpeas by Sarah Bowman
  • The Lovely Japanese Anemones by Sarah Bowman
  • Lola Sleeping-wrong by Sarah Bowman
  • Sailboat and Hyacinth by Sarah Bowman
  • Proud Rooster by Sarah Bowman
  • Blackbird by Sarah Bowman
  • Snowdrops and Quail Egg by Sarah Bowman
  • The Window Box by Sarah Bowman
  • The Night We Picked Lemons, Majorca by Sarah Bowman
  • Sunflowers and Cornish Harbour by Sarah Bowman
  • Pansies and Shells by Sarah Bowman
  • Yellow Primula and Shells by Sarah Bowman
  • Amaryllis and Melin Tregwynt Jug by Sarah Bowman
  • Anenomes by Sarah Bowman

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