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To Autumn

Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
David Brayne RWS
Katherine Swinfen Eady

17 September - 1 October 2011

Private view: Friday 16 September, 6-8pm. Please call the gallery if you would like to attend, all welcome. Tel: 01803 864088

The autumn season at White Space Art boasts an impressive three person show with acclaimed artists Louise Balaam RWA, David Brayne RWS and Katherine Swinfen Eady. Landscape is the theme that broadly links the trio, although their styles are quite different.

Louise works freely and expressively. Muted tones and gorgeous colours give her atmospheric paintings their distinctive edge. A self-confessed follower of Constable, this successful Kent artist has recently been made a member of the Royal West of England Academy – an honour she is rightly proud of. Louise has also exhibited frequently at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Likewise, David Brayne who has been a mainstay of the Summer Exhibition for several years now. His exquisitely beautiful images of figures moving across the water and the landscape are at times surreal and dreamlike. Restful, mysterious, balanced, each painting is timeless in its subject and style.

Katherine Swinfen Eady trained at Edinburgh and paints firmly in the Scottish Colourist tradition, although she has west country roots; her grandmother the author, Mary Wesley, lived on Dartmoor and in Totnes. “I feel I have a very special bond with Devon, many holidays were spent with her walking the Moor. It’s a place I know well and love,” says Swinfen Eady.

Her oils really sing. Whether it is a still life, a British, or continental landscape, her brush flows freely and the colours leap from the canvas. Painting from her studio in the rolling Wiltshire countryside, she has earned many admirers and collectors in recent years.

  • Coastal Light, Burnt Sienna by Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
  • Light Falling, Looking West by Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
  • Cornfields, July Light by Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
  • Creamy Light, Coast by Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
  • Looking Out, Harbour Bar by Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
  • White Cloud, Scottish Coast by Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
  • Golden Shore, Light Coming Down by Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
  • Rocky Shore, Cornwall by Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
  • Burnt Sienna Coast, Looking Out by Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
  • Blue-Grey Sky, Chalk Hill by Louise Balaam RWA NEAC
  • Dew Pond by David Brayne RWS
  • White Sail by David Brayne RWS
  • Richard Eurich and Friends, Cornwall by David Brayne RWS
  • Red Sailing Boat by David Brayne RWS
  • White Dog on Hilly Field by David Brayne RWS
  • Thin Morning Light by David Brayne RWS
  • Silver Fish by David Brayne RWS
  • Chalk Light, Salisbury Plain by Katherine Swinfen Eady
  • On the Moor by Katherine Swinfen Eady
  • Patterns and Cloth by Katherine Swinfen Eady
  • Spring, Storm Light Over Devon by Katherine Swinfen Eady
  • Vineyards, Italy by Katherine Swinfen Eady
  • Owl in Moonlight by Katherine Swinfen Eady
  • Jug on an Indian Shawl by Katherine Swinfen Eady
  • Weather Sweeping In by Katherine Swinfen Eady
  • Seeking Shelter, Dartmoor by Katherine Swinfen Eady
  • Sharp Light by Katherine Swinfen Eady

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