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Affordable Art Fair, Spring Collection

Michael Bowman
Sarah Bowman
Vanessa Bowman
David Brayne RWS
Marilyn Browning
Vanessa Cooper
Wendy McBride SWAc
Catriona Millar
David Morgan

12 - 15 March 2015

Private view: Wednesday 11 March, 5.30-9.30pm
Spring Swing: Thursday 12 March, 5.30-9.30pm

Fair opens: Thursday 12 - Sunday 15 March, 11am-6pm

Complimentary tickets available, please contact the gallery, 01803 864088

Exhibiting Artists

Michael Bowman
Sarah Bowman
Vanessa Bowman
David Brayne
Marilyn Browning
Vanessa Cooper
Mark Hall
Catriona Millar
David Morgan
Wendy McBride

  • Assisi by Michael Bowman
  • Lily Pond by Michael Bowman
  • River Sarthe by Michael Bowman
  • Padstow by Michael Bowman
  • Prussia Cove by Michael Bowman
  • Brantome, Perigord by Michael Bowman
  • Mothers Day Posy by Sarah Bowman
  • Spring posy by Sarah Bowman
  • Anenomes by Sarah Bowman
  • Pansies by Sarah Bowman
  • Arrival of Spring by Sarah Bowman
  • Greek Fishermen by Sarah Bowman
  • Andalucia and the Watermelon by Sarah Bowman
  • Apple Harvest by Sarah Bowman
  • Geometric Cup by Sarah Bowman
  • Three Apples by Sarah Bowman
  • Melin Tregwynt Jug by Sarah Bowman
  • Five Lemons by Sarah Bowman
  • The Apple Bowl by Sarah Bowman
  • The Work is Not Yet Done by Sarah Bowman
  • Forget Me Not by Sarah Bowman
  • Anemones and Spotted Cloth by Sarah Bowman
  • The 10:45 to Totnes by Sarah Bowman
  • Purple African Violets by Vanessa Bowman
  • Auriculas and Melons by Vanessa Bowman
  • Orchid on Green Chair by Vanessa Bowman
  • Snowdrops and Crocuses by Vanessa Bowman
  • Snowdrops and Pebble Beach  by Vanessa Bowman
  • Museum Gallery by David Brayne RWS
  • Open Boat and Line by David Brayne RWS
  • Pink Fish by David Brayne RWS
  • Seated Nude With Pears by David Brayne RWS
  • Striped Pot and Flowers by Marilyn Browning
  • Lemons, Cups and Flowers by Marilyn Browning
  • Party Girl by Marilyn Browning
  • Reflections by Marilyn Browning
  • A Cornish Table by Marilyn Browning
  • Figs and Flowers by Marilyn Browning
  • Give a Fig by Marilyn Browning
  • Pears, Figs and Berries by Marilyn Browning
  • Untitled I by Marilyn Browning
  • Mocking Birds by Vanessa Cooper
  • You Shall Have A Fishy by Vanessa Cooper
  • Good Morning by Vanessa Cooper
  • Common House Sparrow by Vanessa Cooper
  • A Trifle Annoyed by Vanessa Cooper
  • Willow Pattern Story by Vanessa Cooper
  • A Blue Field by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Gorse Above the Estuary by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Light Trap by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Mist, Scilly by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Updraft by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Sally Garden by Catriona Millar
  • Marchmaine by Catriona Millar
  • Joy by Catriona Millar
  • Ingrid by Catriona Millar
  • Angela and Fred by Catriona Millar
  • Autumn Moor by David Morgan
  • River Dart by David Morgan
  • Big Cloud, Burgh Island by David Morgan
  • Meddrick Rocks by David Morgan
  • Polperro by David Morgan
  • Shoreline by David Morgan
  • Sunny Day, Polzeath by David Morgan
  • Bigbury Bay by David Morgan

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