Own Art


Vanessa Bowman
Marilyn Browning
Duibhne Gough
Wendy McBride SWAc

16 - 30 April 2016

Exhibition opens 16 April, 12-3pm. Please join us for drinks and nibbles.

Artworks available to purchase, please call the gallery 01803 864088. Or, email us via the 'enquire' button below the individual artwork.

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  • Feeding the Hens by Vanessa Bowman
  • Frigiliana Flowers by Vanessa Bowman
  • Primroses on Patterned Tray by Vanessa Bowman
  • Purple African Violets and Green Bowl by Vanessa Bowman
  • Snowdrops and Peacock Feather by Vanessa Bowman
  • Spring Flowers and Pears by Vanessa Bowman
  • The Dog Walkers by Vanessa Bowman
  • White Hyacinths and Spanish Bowls by Vanessa Bowman
  • Spring Lambing by Vanessa Bowman
  • Ranunculas and Spanish Jug by Vanessa Bowman
  • Hellebores on Green Cloth by Vanessa Bowman
  • Primulas and Kumquat by Vanessa Bowman
  • Spring Gardeners by Vanessa Bowman
  • Hellebores and Bird Eggs by Vanessa Bowman
  • Another Day, Another Time by Marilyn Browning
  • Croust by Marilyn Browning
  • Little Red Radio by Marilyn Browning
  • Fish by Marilyn Browning
  • Huddle of Pears by Marilyn Browning
  • Opening Time by Marilyn Browning
  • Plums by Marilyn Browning
  • Snowdrops by Marilyn Browning
  • Wavy bangle by Duibhne Gough
  • Stud earring by Duibhne Gough
  • Hoop chain necklace by Duibhne Gough
  • Thick bangle by Duibhne Gough
  • Infinity link chain necklace by Duibhne Gough
  • Chain Necklace SC1 by Duibhne Gough
  • Ring R1 by Duibhne Gough
  • Necklace - DGN2 by Duibhne Gough
  • Necklace 2 by Duibhne Gough
  • Necklace  1 by Duibhne Gough
  • Earring - by Duibhne Gough
  • Heart earring E16 by Duibhne Gough
  • Earring - E4 by Duibhne Gough
  • E3 Earring by Duibhne Gough
  • E2 Earring   by Duibhne Gough
  • Earring - E2 by Duibhne Gough
  • Earring E-1 by Duibhne Gough
  • Earring - E1 by Duibhne Gough
  • D bangle by Duibhne Gough
  • Ring (R5) by Duibhne Gough
  • Ring by Duibhne Gough
  • Cobwebs and Bluebells by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Long River Light by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Peter's Orchard by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Reflection by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Sea Wraiths by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Storm by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Sundown by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Unmapped by Wendy McBride SWAc

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