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Winter exhibition

Michael Bowman
Sarah Bowman
Vanessa Bowman
David Brayne RWS
Marilyn Browning
Colin Carruthers
Vanessa Cooper
Wendy McBride SWAc
Caroline McMillan Davey
Catriona Millar
David Morgan
Dawn Stacey
James Tatum SWAc
Ellen Watson

19 November - 31 December 2016

As well as lovely paintings and sculpture, we also have excellent ceramics and jewellery by some of the best southwest makers, perfect for Christmas presents. 

White Space Days of Christmas runs through December 2016. Every day we will offer one artwork with a 10% discount. Contact us for the daily email, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out more


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  • Sailing off the Carrick Roads by Michael Bowman
  • Salcombe Yawls, Misty Summer Morning by Michael Bowman
  • Pilot Cutter 'Eve', Leaving Salcombe by Michael Bowman
  • Salcombe Yawls, Racing off East Portlemouth by Michael Bowman
  • Fox in the Snow by Sarah Bowman
  • Snowdrops by Sarah Bowman
  • First Fall by Sarah Bowman
  • Blackbird in the Snow by Sarah Bowman
  • Enamel Cup by Sarah Bowman
  • Three Oranges by Sarah Bowman
  • Sledging by Sarah Bowman
  • Little Spoon, Pear Duo by Sarah Bowman
  • Anemones and Pear by Sarah Bowman
  • Cry of Gulls by Sarah Bowman
  • Pears on Blue by Sarah Bowman
  • Winter in the Park by Vanessa Bowman
  • Skaters and Sledgers  by Vanessa Bowman
  • Garden Flowers in Turquoise Vase by Vanessa Bowman
  • Nasturtiums on Grey Table by Vanessa Bowman
  • Dahlias in Christmas Jug by Vanessa Bowman
  • Homeward Bound by Vanessa Bowman
  • Snowy Street by Vanessa Bowman
  • Feeding the Hens, Winter by Vanessa Bowman
  • Blue Channel by David Brayne RWS
  • Wild Blue River by David Brayne RWS
  • Sea Change by David Brayne RWS
  • Woman with Blue Scarf by David Brayne RWS
  • Two Bowls, Green Chair by Marilyn Browning
  • Coffee Break by Marilyn Browning
  • A Very Pale Chair by Marilyn Browning
  • Tip Tap by Marilyn Browning
  • Contemplation by Marilyn Browning
  • Three Pears in a Bowl by Marilyn Browning
  • Time for Tea by Marilyn Browning
  • A Summer's Day, Hope Cove by Colin Carruthers
  • Wild Flowers, Mill Bay by Colin Carruthers
  • Looking Towards Salcombe, East Portlemouth by Colin Carruthers
  • Coastal Path,Challaborough, Devon by Colin Carruthers
  • View of Burgh Island by Colin Carruthers
  • Sea Breeze, Bantham by Colin Carruthers
  • Incoming Tide, Mill Bay by Colin Carruthers
  • Quartet by Vanessa Cooper
  • Same Chips, Different Day by Vanessa Cooper
  • Atlantic Coast by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Rough Music by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Harvest by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Latecomer by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Moonwatch by Wendy McBride SWAc
  • Winter Stag by Caroline McMillan Davey
  • Silent River by Caroline McMillan Davey
  • Lane in January by Caroline McMillan Davey
  • Evening on North Sands by Caroline McMillan Davey
  • Walker in the Snow by Caroline McMillan Davey
  • Winter Sunshine by Caroline McMillan Davey
  • Red Deer Stag by Caroline McMillan Davey
  • Dorinas by Catriona Millar
  • Kitty by Catriona Millar
  • Maybelline by Catriona Millar
  • Vera by Catriona Millar
  • The Sea by David Morgan
  • Summer Breakers by David Morgan
  • Sailing Boats, Salcombe by David Morgan
  • Windy Day, sailing out to Sea by David Morgan
  • Wild Weather, Bigbury Bay by David Morgan
  • Summer Sea and Sky by David Morgan
  • Snow Tracks by Dawn Stacey
  • Snowfields by Dawn Stacey
  • Fox by Dawn Stacey
  • High Summer, Dartmoor by James Tatum SWAc
  • Exe Estuary, Winter Morning by James Tatum SWAc
  • Last House by Ellen Watson
  • Oarless by Ellen Watson
  • Last of the Rain by Ellen Watson
  • Old Barn  by Ellen Watson

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