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Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

Michael Bowman
Sarah Bowman
Vanessa Bowman
David Brayne RWS
Marilyn Browning
Vanessa Cooper
Mark Hall
Charlotte Hardy
David Morgan
Ellen Watson

9 - 12 March 2017

Private view: Wednesday 8 March, 5.30-9.30pm
Late view: Thursday 9 March, 5.30-9.30pm
Opening hours
Thursday - Sunday, 11am-6pm

  • Old Harbour, Paimpol by Michael Bowman
  • Montepulciano, Evening Light by Michael Bowman
  • Dusk, Chianti Vineyard by Michael Bowman
  • Chianti Vineyard and Church by Michael Bowman
  • Three Oranges by Sarah Bowman
  • Harvest Time by Sarah Bowman
  • Sheltered Harbour  by Sarah Bowman
  • Boating in the Brecons by Sarah Bowman
  • Slotted Spoon by Sarah Bowman
  • The Apple Bowl by Sarah Bowman
  • Pears on Purple by Sarah Bowman
  • The Fishermen by Sarah Bowman
  • Anemones by Sarah Bowman
  • Pink Chairs and apples by Sarah Bowman
  • Blue Chairs by Sarah Bowman
  • Blue Anemones and Yellow Jug by Vanessa Bowman
  • Hellebores and Green Bowl by Vanessa Bowman
  • Auriculas and Chinese Lantern by Vanessa Bowman
  • Pansies in Black Jug by Vanessa Bowman
  • Nasturtiums on Grey Table by Vanessa Bowman
  • Sea Change by David Brayne RWS
  • Table Top II (Bowl of Eggs) by Marilyn Browning
  • Table Top III (Bowl of Pears) by Marilyn Browning
  • Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Browning
  • Room For Change by Marilyn Browning
  • Coffee Break by Marilyn Browning
  • Goddess of Spring by Vanessa Cooper
  • To All Who Sail With her by Vanessa Cooper
  • Same Chips, Different Day by Vanessa Cooper
  • Quartet by Vanessa Cooper
  • Happy Birthday! by Vanessa Cooper
  • The Big Easy by Vanessa Cooper
  • Cherry, Cherry by Mark Hall
  • Perfect Delivery by Mark Hall
  • Regents Park by Charlotte Hardy
  • Cecile Park by Charlotte Hardy
  • Cupcakes by Charlotte Hardy
  • Lace Chandelier by Charlotte Hardy
  • March by Charlotte Hardy
  • Wild Weather, Bigbury Bay by David Morgan
  • Summer Breakers by David Morgan
  • The Sea by David Morgan
  • Bantham Surfers by David Morgan
  • Stormy Skies by David Morgan
  • Afternoon Light Port Isaac Bay by David Morgan
  • Across the Water by David Morgan
  • Last House by Ellen Watson
  • Early Summer by Ellen Watson
  • White Cove by Ellen Watson
  • Western Approaches by Ellen Watson
  • Walking to the Sea by Ellen Watson
  • Low Tide by Ellen Watson
  • Green Jug and Dog Roses by Ellen Watson

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