Own Art


Lynne Cartlidge RCA
Miranda Gardiner
Andy Waite

21 October - 4 November 2017

The exhibition opens 12-3pm, Saturday 21 October. Join us to view the paintings and to meet the artists who will be in attendance. Wine and nibbles served.

If you would like to purchase any of the artworks, or to make an enquiry, please call 01803 864088

  • Japanese Anemone Still Life by Lynne Cartlidge RCA
  • Rose, Pomegranates and Cyclamen Still Life by Lynne Cartlidge RCA
  • Roses in the Dining Room by Lynne Cartlidge RCA
  • Persimmons and Striped Cloth in Afternoon Light by Lynne Cartlidge RCA
  • Buddleia with Yellow Flowers and Saucer by Lynne Cartlidge RCA
  • Roses in a Willow Jug by Lynne Cartlidge RCA
  • Fading Rose alongside a Saucer  by Lynne Cartlidge RCA
  • Still Life with Shadows and Striped Cloth by Lynne Cartlidge RCA
  • Faded Roses in a White Jug by Lynne Cartlidge RCA
  • Roses and Pomegranates by Lynne Cartlidge RCA
  • Autumn Anemones by Miranda Gardiner
  • Coneflower & Crabapple by Miranda Gardiner
  • Green Olives & Chocolate Cosmos by Miranda Gardiner
  • My Favourite White Autumn Anemone: Honorine Joubert by Miranda Gardiner
  • Orchid Windowsill by Miranda Gardiner
  • Sennen Cove by Miranda Gardiner
  • Summer Table With Speckled Eggs by Miranda Gardiner
  • Autumn Ferns at the Edge of the Lake by Miranda Gardiner
  • Evening Star by Andy Waite
  • Homeward by Andy Waite
  • Illumine by Andy Waite
  • Lost Days Found by Andy Waite
  • Praise & Spark by Andy Waite
  • Pull in the Oars by Andy Waite
  • Requiem by Andy Waite
  •  River's Rise (triptych) by Andy Waite
  • Thunder Underfoot by Andy Waite
  • Veil & Mantle by Andy Waite
  • Elegy by Andy Waite

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