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Dawn Stacey

Dawn Stacey has burst on to the scene with regular exhibitions and appearances at art fairs around the country. Her striking visual style combined with a very personal interpretation of her subject matter have resulted in memorable and sought after paintings.

She recently sold her whole collection of paintings based on Lewes Railway Lands, a local nature reserve, to Brighton and Sussex Hospital Trust.

Dawn studied for a textiles degree at Derbyshire Art College before going on to graduate from Brighton University, obtaining an MA that helped push and broaden her range of imagery and inspiration. She has since painted full time.

“My paintings are usually based on still life or landscape evolved from walks or journeys. My imagery is a combination of gathered objects, memories or an atmosphere of a particular place. I use these ideas as a source to build layers and decorative surfaces while incorporating collage. The final painting is intended to capture the essence or mood of the subject.”

  • Mysterious Lake by Dawn Stacey
  • Reed Reflections by Dawn Stacey
  • Emerging Butterflies by Dawn Stacey
  • Imagined Forest by Dawn Stacey
  • Spring Woodland Light by Dawn Stacey
  • Reflecting Lily Pads by Dawn Stacey

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