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Donald Provan

Donald studied painting and drawing at Edinburgh College of Arts in the late eighties. He has exhibited in several one and and two-person exhibitions as well as many group exhibitions, predominantly in Scotland and London.

He has regularly had work selected for the Royal Scottish Academy Annual Exhibition and the Hunting Art Prizes at the RCA, London. He lives and works in Edinburgh.

"My work relates mainly to water and can be divided into two distinct areas. These are the landscape above and the fish life below. I use oil paint in both aspects of my work, but in very different ways. In my paintings of fish I apply the paint in a very controlled way, while in my seascapes I use thicker paint, with washes of turpentine, letting the paint dictate the final direction of the painting."

  • Sea Trout and Tiddlers by Donald Provan
  • Red Herring by Donald Provan
  • Meeting Point by Donald Provan
  • Heads and Tails by Donald Provan
  • Focal Point by Donald Provan
  • Aimless by Donald Provan

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