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Ellen Watson

The work of Ellen Watson embodies the elemental forces of the rugged Cornish coastline, with rich textures of oil paint and palpable creative energy. Taking inspiration from her surroundings and the neighbouring Isles of Scilly, she portrays untamed seascapes and weathered costal views, focusing mainly on the strength of light and 'that point of contact between the sky and the horizon' (Watson). She uses a sophisticated range of colour, from wholesome bases of earthly tones to gentle shades of blue and green merging with pastel skies. 

Watson describes her process as 'a form of travel whereby stuff is revealed and inadvertently uncovered, so in a way a picture is found rather than made'.

Although we are given figurative clues to ground our perspective within her main seascape works, there is more of a lean towards abstraction as she strives to immerse the viewer within the vastness of her subject matter and the visceral presence of the paintings themselves.

Watson graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 1992. She now lives and works in Cornwall.

  • Turquoise Shore and Island by Ellen Watson
  • Tresco Beach by Ellen Watson
  • Now Her Larboard Cathead Touched Green Water by Ellen Watson
  • Judy's Shore by Ellen Watson
  • Cecilia II by Ellen Watson
  • Cecilia by Ellen Watson
  • Camel Shore and Pine by Ellen Watson
  • Aubrey's Beach by Ellen Watson
  • St Martins Flats by Ellen Watson
  • Falmouth Clouds and Flowers by Ellen Watson
  • House on the Hill by Ellen Watson
  • Bowl and the Red Salt Pot by Ellen Watson
  • Low Tide by Ellen Watson
  • Walking to the Sea by Ellen Watson
  • Last House by Ellen Watson

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