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Mark Rochester

Mark Rochester trained at the Central School of Art and Design and has spent over 30 years designing for many of the leading furnishing companies in the UK and USA, such as Colefax & Fowler, Osborne & Little and Sanderson.

Twelve years ago he returned to his native Devon, where his fascination with the surrounding landscape has become ever stronger. His work is imbued with colour, light and an inviting freshness. He draws with a confident line.

All of his paintings are executed on site, responding to the challenges of erratic weather, and obscure locations, from moorland to cliff edge.

In 2016, Mark had his work selected for the RA Summber Exhibition.


  • Hazy Spring Afternoon by Mark Rochester
  • High Tide by Mark Rochester
  • Indigo Cove by Mark Rochester
  • Above the Cove by Mark Rochester
  • Devon Cliffs by Mark Rochester
  • Spring on the Cliffs by Mark Rochester
  • Spring Breezes by Mark Rochester
  • Green Cliffside by Mark Rochester

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