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Melvyn Evans

The work of Melvyn Evans explores the connections between the aural traditions, allegory and the folklore of the British landscape. He is fascinated by this sense of prehistory, the way it surfaces in the names of ancient places and early monuments offering comment on the mysteries of our lives, our existence and traditions.


His prints rely on a balance of shapes and tones worked out through repeated  drawing. He also uses textures to soften the graphic look that is so characteristic of linocuts and to impart a more painterly quality to the final image. This use of texture also introduces an element of chance, offsetting the hard-edged graphic look and fairly controlled process of cutting with steel gouges and knives.


After completing a degree in illustration at Exeter College of Art and Design, Melvyn studied at Goldsmiths College London. He has been a professional artist, printmaker and illustrator since 1992.

  • The Running Fox by Melvyn Evans
  • Boats on the Beach Hastings by Melvyn Evans
  • Landscape with Blackbird by Melvyn Evans
  • The Whitstable Oyster Fleet by Melvyn Evans
  • The Cottage on the Headland by Melvyn Evans
  • Against the Tide by Melvyn Evans

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