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Andy Waite

A River of Prayers Under Indigo Skies (diptych).   Paintings by Andy Waite. Oil on board.

While drawing inspiration and feeling from the Romantic tradition, Andy Waite’s contemporary landscapes are essentially expressionist in form and energy.

They are a poetic celebration of the English sky and weather in all their elemental power. With a passion for spontaneous brushwork, the balance of harmony between the still and the ever changing is sought in each piece.

“While I am consistently drawn to painting the landscape, I find that sometimes it is less about familiar geography and more about an evocation of somewhere I would like to inhabit.  There are traces of half remembered places, scents, birdsong, the movement of water and skies; there is a search for an Arcadian landscape, a future to become nostalgic about, all expressed through colours that are just waiting to meet each other.”

Summer 2022

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