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Breon O’Casey

Plump Bird.   Sculpture by Breon O'Casey. Bronze.

Breon O’Casey was born in London, the son of the playwright Sean O’Casey. In 1937 his family moved from London to Totnes in Devon. Here, Breon attended Dartington School where he was to begin to learn his craft.

Breon O’Casey was a highly productive and much-respected artist for many decades but his public reputation only spread beyond certain art and craft circles in his later years. He has been a jeweller, a painter, an etcher, a weaver, and a sculptor.

For most of his career, Breon O’Casey lived in Cornwall and was closely associated with the St Ives School of painters and sculptors. He benefited from his friendship with some of the leading artists of his generation such as Peter Lanyon, John Wells and Tony O’Malley. He studied for three years at the Anglo French Art Centre and was assistant to Babara Hepworth from 1959 to 1962. He was also assistant to Denis Mitchell in St Ives.

Although his gold and silver jewellery won him an international reputation, his handwoven creations have been targeted by knowledgeable collectors. His paintings, handmade prints and sculptures are also widely collected.

Arnolfini Gallery

1960  - Bristol

British Crafts Centre

1974  - London

Kruger Gallery

1983  - New York

Fulham Gallery

1983  - London

Helen Drutt Gallery

1984  - Philadelphia

Oxford Gallery

1984  - Oxford

Ingrid Presser

1984  - Germany

Wolf at the Door

1993  - Penzance

Taylor Galleries

1993  - Dublin

Peppercannister Gallery

2002  - Dublin

Berkeley Square Gallery

2003  - London

Wexler Gallery

2003  - Philadelphia

Yew Tree Gallery

2003  - Cornwall

Peppercannister Gallery

2004  - Dublin

Mullan gallery

2004  - Belfast