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Catriona Millar



Ever since Catriona Millar’s 2005 Degree Show at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen sold out within a few hours, her highly distinctive figurative paintings have captivated and delighted art collectors.

Catriona is recognised as one of Scotland’s foremost figurative painters. The Sunday Herald Newspaper has ranked Catriona in the top five most collectable Scottish artists and her work is collected throughout Europe, the Far East and America. She has won the respect and acclaim of collectors, critics and leading galleries while her stunning works continue to enjoy a special place amongst the contemporary art buying public.

Like a novelist or playwright Catriona Millar combines her life experience and her imaginary world in her work. There is also a classical and indeed an ancient voice lying beneath Millar’s figures. It smiles or stares out at us telling us familiar yet half-forgotten stories about ourselves. It is this connection on a hidden level that brings Millar’s childlike, naive work into our lives with such a potency and lasting vigour.

Catriona Millar is listed in the 2012 edition of Who’s Who in Scotland.

Catriona Millar