Dana Finch

Artist Statement

I have been painting all my life, and it is the art form that best expresses the way I see and experience the world. I am intrigued by the shapes and patterns of the natural world, especially by the robust forms of desert plants, and the landscapes of hot places, as well as the raw, elemental surroundings of Cornwall. I travelled as a child through Spain on road trips of discovery with my family, and I am revisiting those dramatic and wondrous places in my current body of work. Shape and colour evoke memories and mysteriousness, from the stark, ochre pinks of the desert to the clotted masses of shadowed growth, somehow I am still there in the landscape of my memories.


Dana Finch graduated from Dartington College of Arts, BA Hons, 1996. She attended also attended Newlyn School of Art, Mentoring Course in 2015.

She lives and works in Cornwall.

Dana Finch