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David Pearce



“It is not often that a contemporary artist stops you in your tracks, roots you to the spot and draws you into their work with just the briefest of viewings. In a turbulent world, David Pearce’s work comes as a breath of fresh air in its directness and honesty.

“Any devotee of Kettle’s Yard will feel an immediate connection to David’s work, its simplicity and spontaneity, its balance and use of space, the subtlety of the mark making, all evoke the spirit of Nicholson, Hilton, Heron and Frost.

“The new work is moody and solid, dark and full of real character in the finest traditions of the St Ives School and yet at the same time, work truly owned by the artist. This recent work also draws deep into the landscape tradition of Modern British Painting with a limited pallet both enhancing and deepening the mood. Born and bred in Padstow, David Pearce’s work is testament to his standing as an increasingly important figure in Contemporary Art.”
Ashley Gray

David Pearce is a self-taught artist. His work has been exhibited internationally since 1998. He recently had great success at New York’s hippest Art Fair the “Outsider” where he was featured by Marion Harris Fine Art who has been dealing his work from her Gallery on Park Avenue since 2003. Recent exhibitions include Milwaukee Art Museum.

Selected exhibitions

Line and Colour

2015 White Space Art, Totnes

David Pearce