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Emma Williams


Emma Williams first exhibited with White Space Art in 2004 for many years. After a brief hiatus, it’s a pleasure to welcome her back to the gallery this autumn, 2020. Emma’s inspiration is the beautiful Cornish coast. Emma incorporates glimpses of interiors in the foreground of her landscapes, creating a more complex and relatable scene for the viewer to almost practically step into.

“My paintings are textured and always vivid – evoking memories of a time space and mood,” says Emma. My many visits to Cornwall have been a constant source of inspiration, influencing my particular approach to interiors and landscapes. Colour and decorative qualities combine with flattened perspective play an essential role in creating rich images.”

Emma’s style is distinctive and strong, with vibrant colour and a flattened perspective hinting at influences like Mary Fedden of the Modern British era. The selected colours are very much of the Cornish sea, providing a rich and bright palette. Emma’s clever layout and combination of still life and landscape never fail to delight audiences, bringing back fond memories of days lazed away on the water.

Emma Williams