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Ingebjorg Smith


Ingebjorg Smith was educated at the Glasgow School of Art, (BA First Class and MA) and initially worked as an illustrator for, among others, BBC Scotland, Gaelic Children’s TV, Scotland on Sunday and Canongate Press. She lectured part-time at the Glasgow School of Art and designed theatre posters for 7.84 & Tag, also doing theatre sets and costumes for Wildcat and Hulaballoo.

In the 1980s she travelled extensively in Kenya, Asia and Australia, where she transformed her illustration skills into fine art collage paintings.

In 1995, Smith moved to Tain in the Highlands of Scotland, which is a great base for her landscape and bird paintings.

Using an interesting mixed media technique, Smith’s work has been described as: “stunning landscapes of birds and animals, beautifully evocative, tactile and thoroughly magical. They have a sense of place and time that is beyond their subject and a spirit that renders them magnetic.”

Ingebjorg Smith