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Lloyd Peters

Ceramicist Lloyd Peters lives and works in Cornwall. With a studio overlooking the West Penwith moors, the shapes and tones of land, sea and sky find their way into both his forms and surface treatments.

Lloyd works in high-fired stoneware, throwing on the wheel and firing to 1260ºC. Japanese artists such as Ryoji Koie and Ken Matsuzaki influence his fluid and direct style. He alters his work straight after throwing to capture the unexpected and to imbue each form with movement and spontaneity. When glazing he works quickly and deliberately, knowing that that will throw up unique patterns and colours where glazes interract, dribble and run.

“The best work arrives when you don’t think too much. You have to lose yourself a bit, find that place where things just flow. The point at which you first create a piece I find really important, so I try to ensure it stays in the finished pot. That moment when you’ve just taken a lump of clay and shaped it into something that didn’t exist before, when it’s still wet on the wheel – it’s so rewarding and expressive. Catch it right and I know I’ve made something alive and interesting.”

Lloyd has exhibited extensively and his work can be found in private collections in Japan, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Germany and the USA, as well as the UK.