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Mike Carter


Mike Carter BA Hons, is a Cardiff based painter specialising in landscapes. Mike studied Fine Art in
Cardiff and was taught by Terry Setch RA and Michael Crowther. Mike has exhibited frequently in Wales over the last few years. He was also selected for the RA Summer Exhibition in 2017.

“As a landscape painter I’m looking to convey a mood or a memory of a place. I find the point
where the land meets the sea the most interesting in terms of basic geometry, vertical forms
meeting horizontal and the endless variation thereof. I think this has an emotional connection to
my childhood where I lived right on the South Devon coast near Plymouth.

“I use sketches and photography as a method to record but the photographs and drawings are
only a starting point. During the last few years I’ve become interested in building up the surface
of my paintings. A protracted process of building up layers using a range of materials such as
charcoal, chalk, wax, sawdust, black ink acrylic and oil paint has become a fundamental working
method for me. It allows the possibilities for chance to play a part in the formation of
a piece. Layers are built up, removed and reapplied until the work starts to come together or
reveal itself.”

Recent Exhibitions

Summer 2019

27/07/2019 White Space Art

Mike Carter