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Sophie Wake

“I graduated from Brighton University, with a BA Hons in Graphic Design / Illustration and worked for many years as a busy freelance illustrator. Today, my fine art practice responds to the rhythms of meditation and ancient tree tea ceremony which has become a fundamental companion to my creative approach.

“Working from my Devon studio, I channel my imagination through quiet reflection. Guided by direct somatic experience my work tends to be instinctive and intuitive, each piece an automatic process of deep self enquiry. Working with oil on canvas or gouache on paper, imbuing a liminal quality, a sense of in-betweenness my process delights in an intangible wordlessness.

“My fine art practice has become suffused with my spiritual practice. Any subject matter is treated as divine, iconic, and is free to dance, uninhibited in its own light. Influences of Shamanism, African rock art, Ancient clay models, and Greek pottery are channeled throughout the collections, which celebrate the power of basic human emotion in simple and authentic forms.”

Sophie Wake

Summer 2023

2023  - White Space Art