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Virginia Day



Virginia Day trained at St Martin’s School of Art in London during the fifties – still rare for a woman at the time. She studied drawing, turning to sculpture later in life while living in America under the tutelage of Joseph McDonnell in his New York atelier.

Virginia lived and worked in South Africa during the sixties and, later in Majorca, where she still has a home and studio. She also trained at Studio Sem, Pietrasanta, Italy.

Discovering sculpture was an epiphany. Since then she has thrown herself vigorously at her ‘new’ medium. Her first bronze was accepted by the Royal Academy for the Summer Exhibition. “Sculpting is drawing in 3D,” she says. “I think a sculptor has to be able to draw, more so than a painter.”

Her preference lies in direct carving in wood and stone. Her work has a controlled classicism and its seeming simplicity embodies feminine qualities of mystery, vulnerability and reserved sensuality.

Virginia Day