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16 Oct - 7 Nov 2021

Ellen Watson:
A Walk to the Sea

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Ellen Watson , : A Walk to the Sea

16th October - 7th November 2021


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About the Exhibition

A Walk to the Sea… every day usually starts with a walk, either to, near or next to the sea. The hound needs an outing and now I can’t work until I’ve had an airing. Inevitably any group of paintings I do will include a bit of sea, a suggestion of it, or a prelude to going out there. 

“I’m tidying up, which means scrubbing  bits of paint off the walls and carpet. I paint in a room at the back of our home, because of its small size I move the paintings, still wet, around the house, different walls, different light, so I can live with them. 

“It’s tricky at this stage. Is the painting of any interest, which part needs to go? What works? We sprinkle our own perceptions onto whatever we look at or think about, or so I’ve read. That’s quite a challenge, all those personal takes. It’s why I’m keen to hear what others think. For most of my painting time I’m putting in disciplined attention spliced with wafty fancying… areas are rubbed, splodged, scrapped off, stirred, sanded away, dribbled and plastered. The end moment is not set in stone and neither is the seeing…” – Ellen Watson, September 2021