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Marilyn Browning

"My working process is instinctive. I have some idea at the outset what I will paint, usually based on the domestic and even the overlooked.

"I will begin to realise an idea, at some point the painting process takes over and through a systematic adding and subtracting of paint the image begins to emerge. I sift through a personal and familiar process of observation memory and recall. Eventually, the painting is realised... a fragile duplicate of the original concept."

Marilyn Browning’s understated paintings are a treat. Her seemingly ‘simple’ canvases are instantly memorable.

Since graduating from Falmouth College of Arts in 1999, Marilyn has steadily built a strong reputation and has exhibited widely, mostly in Devon, Cornwall and London.

Selected exhibitions
Quartet, 2016
White Space Art

AAF, Spring 2015
White Space Art

AAF, Hampstead 2013
White Space Art

Distinct Forms 2011
White Space Art


  • Table Top With Japanese Pot by Marilyn Browning
  • Room For Change by Marilyn Browning
  • Table Top III (Bowl of Pears) by Marilyn Browning
  • Table Top II (Bowl of Eggs) by Marilyn Browning
  • Contemplation by Marilyn Browning
  • Coffee Break by Marilyn Browning
  • Facing the Day by Marilyn Browning
  • Plums by Marilyn Browning
  • Huddle of Pears by Marilyn Browning

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