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Marilyn Browning

“My working process is instinctive. I have some idea at the outset what I will paint, usually based on the domestic and even the overlooked.

“I will begin to realise an idea, at some point the painting process takes over and through a systematic adding and subtracting of paint the image begins to emerge. I sift through a personal and familiar process of observation memory and recall. Eventually, the painting is realised… a fragile duplicate of the original concept.”

Marilyn Browning’s understated paintings are a treat. Her seemingly ‘simple’ canvases are instantly memorable.

Since graduating from Falmouth College of Arts in 1999, Marilyn has steadily built a strong reputation and has exhibited widely, mostly in Devon, Cornwall and London.

20|20: Twenty Years, Twenty Artists

2023  - White Space Art

Little Picture Show 2022

2022  - White Space Art

Little Picture Show 2021

2021  - White Space Art

Summer 2021

2021  - White Space Art


2018  - White Space Art

Winter Exhibition 2016

2016  - White Space Art