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23 Jun - 14 Jul 2018

David Morgan:
Sky Watching

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David Morgan , : Sky Watching

23rd June - 14th July 2018


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About the Exhibition

As a landscape painter, contemplating the sky and the effect it has on the landscape is very important. The first thing I do on waking up is look out my window, across to Haldon Hill and Dartmoor beyond, to see what the sky is doing.

This morning gentle rain is falling, the sky is a steely grey and dark clouds are forming, creating a beautiful silvery light over the valley. As the morning progresses and I eventually arrive at my painting destination and set up, the sky has changed.

Working on Rippon Tor looking across to Princetown and Yar Tor the sky is the first thing I attempt to paint. I can see the weather coming right at me. One minute I am in brilliant sunshine the next billowing clouds come over, and then rain. Painting on days such as these is exhilarating.

Walking along the coast with my children the other day I made them stop, stand still, look and listen to what was around them. They thought this a little odd but I tried to explain that this is how I spend most of my time, just looking and listening, and mainly at the sky, as it is the source of light that governs everything around.

David Morgan, May 2018