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David Morgan


David Morgan loves to paint the dramatic light over the southwest coast and landscape. His impasto technique – exciting texture in oils – and bold colour suits his vigorous, intense way of working.

David lives and works in Devon. He paints outdoors in the plein air tradition, often returning to favourite locations where he seeks to capture the ever-changing rhythms of light and dark upon the land, sea and sky.

He will brave the climate in all seasons. He has been known to leave his work unfinished on the landscape, hidden, in order return to it. He has only lost one painting doing this.

He has exhibited in numerous one man shows and art fairs with White Space Art.

Recent Exhibitions

Little Picture Show 2020

21/11/2020 White Space Art

Summer 2020

11/07/2020 White Space Art

Painting the Seasons

26/05/2020 White Space Art

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, Stand D8

12/03/2020 White Space Art

Little Picture Show 2019

30/11/2019 White Space Art

Summer 2019

27/07/2019 White Space Art

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

07/03/2019 White Space Art

The Little Picture Show

24/11/2018 White Space Art

Sky Watching

23/06/2018 White Space Art

Fresh: Contemporary Art Fair

27/04/2018 White Space Art

Affordable Art Fair, Spring Collection

08/03/2018 White Space Art

Winter 2017

25/11/2017 White Space Art

Summer Exhibition 2017

22/07/2017 White Space Art

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

09/03/2017 White Space Art

Winter Exhibition 2016

19/11/2016 White Space Art

Selected Exhibitions

The Colours of Light

2016 White Space Art, Totnes

Journeys in the Southwest

2014 White Space Art, Totnes

The Sun Comes Out

2012 White Space Art, Totnes

A Wider Sky

2010 White Space Art, Totnes

A Devon Summer

2008 White Space Art, Totnes

Three Men: Moor to Sea,

2007 White Space Art, Totnes

Three Men In a Boat

2006 White Space Art, Totnes

David Morgan