22 Jul - 2 Sep 2017

Summer Exhibition 2017

Arabella Brooke | Breon O'Casey | Caroline McMillan Davey | Catriona Millar | Colin Carruthers | David Brayne | David Morgan | Donald Provan | Ellen Watson | Louise Balaam | Lynne Cartlidge | Mark Rochester | Sarah Bowman | Vanessa Bowman | Vanessa Cooper |

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Summer Exhibition 2017

22nd July - 2nd September 2017


About the Exhibition

A wonderful array of paintings and sculptures celebrating the joys of Summer. Featuring Louise Balaam RWA NEAC, Michael Bowman, Sarah Bowman, Vanessa Bowman, David Brayne RWS, Arabella Brooke, Colin Carruthers, Lynne Cartlidge, Vanessa Cooper, Caroline McMillan Davey, Catriona Millar, David Morgan, Breon O'Casey, Donald Provan, Mark Rochester & Ellen Watson.
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